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GOD, Is Not A Weapon ( Of War )

Yamaha 9, Yamaha MO8, A.R.P.2500 & Vocals By
Linus Redding

And one day soon
All Matter and time
Your gravity and mine
Will line
With these dreams
All these visions in Faith.

And one day
There’ll be no more war
He will shine before the dawn.
Just the way he made it to be.

And I Pray for the children to come.
I pray for the lambs blood.
Soon we’ll ride away
on your Glory Train

And there will be
voices hidden in the forest Abana
across this world we know
No more politics

Just your heart
Your heart and mine
Your love did shine
down one time

And you will know,
What it’s for
After all
we are made of stars

And one day soon
GOD won’t be a weapon of war no more..................

© 2008 By DerRan Music Inc