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I've always been lucky at the tables, I rolled the dice and turned the wheel of fortune, spinning like a Ring of Fire. I need you babe there by my side, blow in my palms, take another sip of that gold jamacian on ice. Las Vegas. That's where I love. Lights that never stop burning and a desert full of stars. Las Vegas, Pirates in the sand. You can find anything you want in the Magicians sleight of hand. I always knew I'd hit it big someday, I'd play and sing in the realm of what this constellation rules. I look at the faces at the table, hear the cork's pop in celebration, you've got to see the Legend and his RED PIANO TOO! OHHHHHHHHH Las Vegas, I'm no stranger in your bed. Though I never have time to sleep, there's to much going through my head. Las Vegas, I feel the ghost of the Rat Pack and the King. You know this Italian, wouldn't be cought dead, with-out his pinky ring. OHHHHHHH Las Vegas $$$$$$$$$$ OHHHHHH Las Vegas $$$$$$$$$$$ OHHHHHHH Las Vegas $$$$$$$$$ OHHHHHHH Las Vegas $$$$$$$$$ OHHHHHH Las Vegas $$$$$$$$$ OHHHHHH Las Vegas $$$$$$$$$ (c) DerRan Music, All Right Reverses (ASCAP)