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Dobro, Dulicimer, Ovation Acoustic, Slide Guitar & Vocal Linus Redding Well, I'm sitting on my front porch swing, Watching the time go by. I got Nashville on my radio, And the smokes in my eyes. There's something about the home place yeah, that sooths the soul in me. There's something about a a long lost love. Like a ghost in the breeze. And it's Granda Jones and Bill Monroe. And my mandolin on my knee. That I pass away the time that's left. With the songs that make me sing. And I may sit here from light to dark. Till the sun turns to the moon.I'm crazy these days,in beautiful ways, Just strumming my Blue Grass Blues. Well, my wife, she gave me five Sweet Hearts, And Seven Roughneck Sons. I got a self-rightous mule that's stubborn, as the day is long. And a hound dog named Cody. That follows in my footsteps all day. And I drink my shine when the stars don't mind And I play the night away. And it's Flatt and Scuggs and "Uncle Josh". And a dobro that I play. That I pick along with the boys, in my Sparta way. And I think about my dear wife an this song's for her so true. In the silvery mist on a mountain high. I'm playing my Blue Grass Blues.

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