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                                        YAMAHA PIANO, ARP 2500 SYNTHESIZER, FENDER STRATOCASTER,

                                               OVATION ACOUSTIC GUITAR, AND VOCAL BY LINUS  

Well here I am again

Your old friend Diver Dan.

All suited up and ready to go. Ready to meet my end this way.

And I depend on you.

And I depend on time.

But I seem to leave.

Cause I've lost track of both.

The poor get poor and the rich get rich.

Sniffing coke and lying in their ditch.

But here I am to rescue you again.

Don't you remember me, I'm Diver Dan.

Oh I can reach the places you descend.

Even into kelp.

Oh, you can depend on me, I'm Diver Dan.

Now the art has become irreplaceable.

Someone broke into my mind and stole my thoughts.

I can't think, I can't Remember.

I just sink.

Going down is so sad.

Now I blow my blues again.

In some great, deep hole.

I cherish you like gold.

Yes I am Diver Dan You Know....

Yes I am Diver Dan You know....

Yes I am Diver Dan You Know....

Yes I Am Diver Dan You Know....


                                                                                                                                                                           (c) DerRan Music, All Rights Reserved  (ASCAP)