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October 2, 2014

YAMAHA PIANO, YAMAHA SYNTHESIZER, OVATION ACOUSTIC GUITAR, LINUS R. Looking Back You burn't out fast. You were the brightest star, in our universe. But I've read the papers and the magazines. About The Life you lived, behind the scenes. No one ever said that you'd go far. It was the faith you had in yourself, that made you what you are. Your face that signs from the silver screen. All the world was your stage and you made real, SO MANY DREAMS.......... Looking Back to years gone by. I sat in the dark rowes. As your face cast it's light on mine. You were the ideal of my perfect Queen. And when I heard that you were gone, It took every tear in me.. I went out walking, I felt unreal. There were no words I could say. I didn't know how to feel. There was a numbness deep inside. I saw an arc light in the heavens, a brush stroke in the sky. No one ever said "Babe you'll go far'. It was that faith in yourself that made you who you are. Your face that shines from ten thousand screens. An though the battles no longer rage, I can say, you conquered, SO MANY DREAMS.......

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